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Looking for Fantasy Music?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit obsessed with music. Even if you’re not, you might use music to help set the tone when you’re writing. If you’re reading this blog, you probably write fantasy and look for fantasy-esque music. … Continue reading

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The Value of a Bad Story

Have you ever read a book and said, “that’s how I want to write!” or maybe “that’s how I want to write dialogue/fighting/setting/etc . . .” I have too, countless times. Not only did I get value as a reader, … Continue reading

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This Blog Won’t Have Reviews

This blog will not have reviews. It’ll have recommendations. I plan on recommending just stories from a wide variety of genres on many different mediums, but I will mostly discuss why I think writers should read/watch/play/listen to whatever I am … Continue reading

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All Characters Are You – And Aren’t

If you’ve spent a much time as I have finding reading about tropes (which, hopefully you haven’t – TV Tropes is a time-sucking black hole), you’ve heard of the Author Avatar, a character who people assume is a stand-in for the … Continue reading

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Find the Perfect Fantasy Book For You (Or Sci-Fi)

I was going to write about magic systems, but got completely distracted by this awesome graphic FlavorWire just posted. You should read the whole article here. It’s pretty awesome and there’s a link to a much larger version of the … Continue reading

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Character Creation and Myers-Briggs Personalities

Characters are an integral part of any story and considered by many-myself included-the most important aspect.  If I’m not invested in the characters, I’ll stop watching/reading/writing something long before I would if the plot or prose bothered me. Because of … Continue reading

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