The Value of a Bad Story

value of a bad storyHave you ever read a book and said, “that’s how I want to write!” or maybe “that’s how I want to write dialogue/fighting/setting/etc . . .”

I have too, countless times. Not only did I get value as a reader, but as a writer from that story. Figuring out why you loved a book is a great way to improve your writing whether it’s something huge (i.e. how the author crafted magic systems) or small (i.e. how the author varied their sentences).

The opposite it true too. If you read a horrible book, try to find out why you hated it.

Learning what not to do is valueable. Though some argue it’s not as essential as learning what to do. I mean, if learning what “not” to do was best, then teachers would show students examples of failure essays, not “A” essays.

But some teachers show both. And I think that’s the most helpful. You see what the “A” essays did and the “F” essays did. It helps you form a spectrum so you’re not just copying “A,” but trying to incorperate “A” while reacting against “F.” Because honestly, if you just copy “A,” you’ll end up with an “F.”

So, read some bad stories on occasion.

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