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4 Reasons I Look Weird Things Up When I’m Writing

Ever typed into Google search “how does poison effect the body?” or “where can you stab someone so it won’t kill them, and preferably they can get over it in ten minutes and get in another fight, but will injure … Continue reading

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Fantasy Music: Attack On Titan

Elven forests, fairy tales, and magic wishes are all parts of some of fantasy’s best. Finding fantasy-esque music for that’s easy, just look up Enya and all the related artists. But what about fantasies with blood-thirsty monsters, desolate wastelands, and … Continue reading

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What Does “Active” Character Really Mean?

Which one would you want to read more about? A: A villain enters the room, their sword drawn. Our hero is cornered. The villain attacks, the hero pulls out his/her weapon and fights back. B: A villain enters the room, … Continue reading

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Back From Break

Hello! It’s been about two weeks since I’ve posted because . . . I’ve been editing my sister’s story! Yep. It’s over 400 pages and I was too frightened to read the word count, so I didn’t. (Thankfully, one of … Continue reading

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