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Dialogue Tags Part 2: 3 Alternative Options

So last week you read my rant claiming the only dialogue tags you should frequently use is “said” and “asked.” But that gets repetitive, doesn’t it? Look, even if you got creative and started using tags like “chirped,” your dialogue … Continue reading

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Dialogue Tags Part 1: The “Said” Debate

Nothing makes me angrier than seeing an infographic full of words someone suggested you should use instead of “said.” Alright, so nothing is a bit strong here, but still. If I’m browsing a Pinterest board and see an infographic like … Continue reading

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Fantasy Music: Gary Stadler

Have you ever typed, “what music fairies would play” in YouTube in order to find music for your story, or just for casual listening? Well, search no longer. I found your guy: Gary Stadler. His page lists his genres … Continue reading

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Female Characters in Fantasy?

There’s a debate going on about including more female and non-white characters in fantasy stories. I don’t feel qualified to discuss the non-white character debate yet as I am a.) white and b.) haven’t read the discussions about that as … Continue reading

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