Fantasy Music: Gary Stadler


Have you ever typed, “what music fairies would play” in YouTube in order to find music for your story, or just for casual listening? Well, search no longer. I found your guy: Gary Stadler.

His page lists his genres as “New Age,” “Ambient,” “Piano,” and “Neo-Classical.” So much of that music is too focused on helping people relax and sounding more “ambient” than “music.” But Stadler’s music tells a story. It sounds like a long, slow, beautiful ache. Like living in a moment you know you’ll cherish forever and knowing it’s about to end. It’s a faraway look and a soft smile, it’ a warm feeling deep inside you, or one that pulls at you and you’re not even sure why.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m not prone to poetic writing, but Stadler’s music makes writing that way easy.


So, if you’re looking for a bittersweet, melodramatic, romantic, nostalgic sound that let’s you envision a forest with trees lightly dusted with snow that sparkles under the moonlight, or two lovers who haven’t seen each other in years and know those years will probably keep them apart, then Gary Stadler is for you. On a less dramatic note, he’s also for you if you’re scene/story involves a faerie/elven woods a garden or anything like that, his music might just be for you as well.

While not exactly the most well known musician, his music isn’t too difficult to find as much of it is uploaded to YouTube and Spotify. You can also find it on or other larger music providers. And, occasionally, the kind of stores that sell knock-off Lord of the Rings weapons and incense (basically, the best kind of store).

Here’s a list of his album titles currently available.

Fairy of the Woods
Fairy Lullabies
Deep Within a Faerie Forest
Fairy Heart Magic
Fairy Night Songs
Reflections of the Faerie

I suggest checking them all out, though my personal favorite (from the ones I own), is Fairy of the Woods.

Which one do you like the best? Do you know any similar artists? Any fantasy music you want me to check out?

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