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Female Characters in Fantasy?

There’s a debate going on about including more female and non-white characters in fantasy stories. I don’t feel qualified to discuss the non-white character debate yet as I am a.) white and b.) haven’t read the discussions about that as … Continue reading

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All Characters Are You – And Aren’t

If you’ve spent a much time as I have finding reading about tropes (which, hopefully you haven’t – TV Tropes is a time-sucking black hole), you’ve heard of the Author Avatar, a character who people assume is a stand-in for the … Continue reading

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Character Creation and Myers-Briggs Personalities

Characters are an integral part of any story and considered by many-myself included-the most important aspect.  If I’m not invested in the characters, I’ll stop watching/reading/writing something long before I would if the plot or prose bothered me. Because of … Continue reading

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