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Fantasy Music: Gary Stadler

Have you ever typed, “what music fairies would play” in YouTube in order to find music for your story, or just for casual listening? Well, search no longer. I found your guy: Gary Stadler. His Last.fm page lists his genres … Continue reading

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Female Characters in Fantasy?

There’s a debate going on about including more female and non-white characters in fantasy stories. I don’t feel qualified to discuss the non-white character debate yet as I am a.) white and b.) haven’t read the discussions about that as … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways People Differentiate Fantasy and Science Fiction

This is about to get confusing. There’s a HUGE difference between science fiction and fantasy. But I don’t know what it is. And neither does anyone else. Well, that’s not totally true. I have a personal idea of what’s “science-fiction” … Continue reading

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Find the Perfect Fantasy Book For You (Or Sci-Fi)

I was going to write about magic systems, but got completely distracted by this awesome graphic FlavorWire just posted. You should read the whole article here. It’s pretty awesome and there’s a link to a much larger version of the … Continue reading

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