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On Writing: Authenticity & Voice

Hello everyone! I’m doing my second “On Writing” post where I post a quote on reading/writing and discuss how the quote can make you (and me!) a better writer. Today’s quote is from the reclusive genius, J. D. Salinger. Say … Continue reading

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All Characters Are You – And Aren’t

If you’ve spent a much time as I have finding reading about¬†tropes (which, hopefully you haven’t – TV Tropes is a time-sucking black hole), you’ve heard of the Author Avatar, a character who people assume is a stand-in for the … Continue reading

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Character Creation and Myers-Briggs Personalities

Characters are an integral part of any story and considered by many-myself included-the most important aspect. ¬†If I’m not invested in the characters, I’ll stop watching/reading/writing something long before I would if the plot or prose bothered me. Because of … Continue reading

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Forward Progress

I recently started editing an epic fantasy novel’s rough draft that I finished a few weeks ago. One character needed work. It didn’t feel like they contributed to book 1. Instead of simply deleting the character and re-introducing them in … Continue reading

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Writing Websites: Story Analyzer

Every beginning (and even expert) writer should use Story Analyzer. What this site does is scan your story for tons of things you want to watch out for like passive voice, too many “ly” words, wordy writing, and on and … Continue reading

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